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October 06 2014

State of the art navigation system in development.
Beta nearing!
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September 29 2014

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August 31 2014

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August 30 2014

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August 26 2014

Stubnitz - Full Throttle Crowdfunding Campaign

Support is needed, to keep the MS Stubnitz as the great event location and working maritime monument that she is.

Damit die Stubnitz weiterhin als Veranstaltungsschiff und maritimes Denkmal erhalten bleibt, wird Unterstützung benötigt.
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August 23 2014

The greater scheme of Hackerfleet's navigation system.
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August 16 2014

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August 13 2014

OSM Then & Now (Interactive)
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July 23 2014

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Stabilized walkway technology for transferring from boat to platform on rough seas

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July 22 2014

Hackers on a Boat
Random Hacks of Kindness - PyEdition

Lets improve it! During the EuroPython 2014, a team of 50 Volunteers will spend 3h on the MS Stralau to fix and improve software.

We need your help, to compile a long and interesting list of tasks for the developers that will join us on the tour.

We are looking for (opensource) Python 2to3-ports, necessary Bugfixes, or much wanted feature requests for any Python projects out there.
Send your suggestions to riot@hackerfleet.org - thanks!

If you don't have an idea for a task, then please share this post, so that others can submit their tasks.

If you're a conference guest, you can sign up for the tour at the info desk!

This event is powered by EuroPython2014 and organized by Hackerfleet.
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June 14 2014

May 15 2014

May 12 2014

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May 04 2014

HFOS growing up...


Some current updates on what we're doing:

  • We're concentrating on our first release candidate, HFOS (Hackerfleet Operating System)
  • A lot already happened, most important backend features and a lot of frontend work have been completed to a sufficient degree
  • Mostly software parts left to be done, but also a short hardware redesign

Development on cape has been on a hiatus, since we're focusing on our release software. Since Kamaelia is pretty near a complete py3k support, we'll probably merge developments into our forked repo afterwards.

The decision to host most code/resources on  github didn't turn up any ugly things, so we're probably going to deactivate much of our own hosting.

This trac will probably survive. We'll see ;)

Cheers, riot

April 25 2014

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One of my favorite GIFs of one of my favorite NASA visualizations to preview Monday’s It’s Okay To Be Smart and get you excited and all that jazz. Think you can guess what tomorrow’s vid is about?

Blue = sea salt
Green = organics
Red = dust
White = sulfates

Check out the full NASA video below, featuring simulated global “stuff in the air” over a two year period on Earth. Ain’t Earth beautiful? (Even if, as in this case, it’s a 3 million processor-hour computer animation)

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April 07 2014

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