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January 08 2016

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HFOS Library, exemplary book screenshot
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December 27 2015

Hackerfleet @ 32C3

If you're at the magnificient 32C3 and you're also interested in modern hackerspace-compatible collaboration tools, join irc://#hackerfleet@freenode.org or ping me via DECT (7468/RIOT)

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November 25 2015

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What's on a sailor's mind?
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November 08 2015

shelterpub: Hallig Habel, a farm in northern Germany on the North Sea, an area of low flatlands and mudflats. This photo was taken during an extreme high tide.

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October 23 2015

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October 21 2015

October 19 2015

Lev Berry
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September 27 2015

Boat Traffic in Amsterdam
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September 20 2015

August 26 2015

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August 25 2015

The Gulf of Alaska 

In this particular area two seas meet but do not mix due to difference in water density.

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Not a rendering. But the famous (and very dangerous) cross sea.
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August 22 2015

Just made the HFOS Dashboard work. This one's interactive, you can drag and resize the stuff, as well as add new cards etc.

More display controllers (analogue gauge, bearing displays, graphs, mapviews etc.) will follow - the system is designed in a nicely modular fashion.
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July 29 2015

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Another screenshot of the GOE - this time showing the Vessel schema which allows you to configure data about your ship.
If you miss anything or have any other contributions/ideas, head over to our issue tracker!
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Generic Object Editor showing a newly created object of type 'Radio' in HFOS. To the right is the relevant JSONSchema (in Python) and form definition - we can do this for any type of data in HFOS :)
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July 26 2015

The 1.0 release is nearing.

We hope to make it happen on the ccc camp 2015.

A lot of premises look good so far. This will probably mark a milestone in maritime navigation and possibly other regions.

Join our irc discussion on #hackerfleet@freenode.net or contribute to our issue tracker or our code!
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