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November 05 2016

North wales storm

September 30 2016

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Lake Sorvagsvatn, Faroe Islands
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July 14 2016

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April 21 2016

April 18 2016

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February 27 2016

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Sailing through land - it IS possible.

Albeit only, if the land is very new and just started erupting under you in the middle of the ocean.
DON'T DO THIS - those guys actually sailed unknowingly through an underwater eruption that (quite explosively!) fomed a complete island a few minutes later.

Check out the source link for very interesting and totally rare pics.
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January 08 2016

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HFOS Library, exemplary book screenshot
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December 27 2015

Hackerfleet @ 32C3

If you're at the magnificient 32C3 and you're also interested in modern hackerspace-compatible collaboration tools, join irc://#hackerfleet@freenode.org or ping me via DECT (7468/RIOT)

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November 25 2015

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What's on a sailor's mind?
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November 08 2015

shelterpub: Hallig Habel, a farm in northern Germany on the North Sea, an area of low flatlands and mudflats. This photo was taken during an extreme high tide.

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October 23 2015

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October 21 2015

October 19 2015

Lev Berry
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September 27 2015

Boat Traffic in Amsterdam
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